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Wet Pallet / Texture Pallet

Wet Pallet / Texture Pallet

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Modular slotting together wet pallet, perfect to keep your paint from drying out while working on a project.

It is made so that it slots together to tightly hold the moisture in and so that it holds the paper in pace.

How to Use
It fits either 3 small cheap kitchen sponges or you can stack the flatter sponge cloths instead if you would rather. Then just cut a piece of parchment or wet pallet paper to size, fill the bottom with water, slot in the sponges, and then lay the paper on top. finally slot the middle part over the base to hold it all in place and you are done!

There are also optional magnet slots to connect each part should you wish that take 5x1mm magnets.
For the size of the paper to cut to place in it, they are 13x7.5mm but the easiest way to get the size right is to turn the middle part upside down and lay it down on the paper then mark each out with a pencil each corner, and cut about 1mm wider than the markings. The same technique works for cutting the sponge cloths if you use them instead of the sponges as well, then just use sharp scissors and cut the whole lot at once.

now includes two awesome textured lid designs, as well as a slim base option for those who are using thinner sponges. Now thin sponges won't need to be stacked as much, and you can test all of your paints from your wet pallet right on the lid! You also have the option of just printing magnetic inserts for your standard lid, enabling the need for only a small amount of resin printing. We think this is a great addition to this tool, and we love to get as many helpful features into these items as possible.


  • Wet Pallet Base
  • Wet Pallet Base (Slim Version)
  • Wet Pallet Lid
  • Wet Pallet Middle
  • Wet Pallet Middle (Slim Version)
  • Textured Wet Pallet Lid (Version 1)
  • Textured Wet Pallet Lid (Version 2)
  • Textured Wet Pallet Lid Insert (Version 1)
  • Textured Wet Pallet Lid Insert (Version 2)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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