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Hey Miniature Makers,

This week we are bringing you guys another tool for the collection: The Read and Paint Station!

This is a multipurpose tool that is there to assist you with all your hobby needs.

-Painting and Crafting Station

The station has slots for placing the paint brushes you are using for your project along with a lateral one at the top for your current wet brush to avoid liquids running down the brush. The cup holder fits a regular-sized mug for washing brushes and adding water. The side of the station is made so that it can hold up a phone or tablet for reference materials while you paint. There are dividers to ensure that no spillages from the cup make it to the phone or tablet.

The inside of the station is made with places for you to place your craft knife and snippers to keep the sharp points away and you can put any small parts you clip off sprue or print into the tray at the front of the station to ensure you do not lose them.

-Book and Coffee Cup Holder

For all you avid readers out there, the station has a cup holder and a page-keeping bookmark. The cup holder is made to catch any drips and the pointed top of the station is perfect to pop your book onto and have it hold your page with ease while you get up to do other tasks.

The most important thing is to never get confused about which way you are using the station and end up drinking the paint water, the greatest hazard we all face!


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