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Skeleton Miniature Stamp and Cutter

Skeleton Miniature Stamp and Cutter

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Includes a Skeleton Stamp along with a cutter for quickly making Skeleton Soldiers 

The idea is to give dungeon masters the ability to quickly and cheaply stamp out monsters as and when they are required for their games. They can either do this with a setting clay like the DAS air-drying clay I used in the photos or with a plasticine or clay that does not set, to make disposable minis for the day's session. This way, they could roll out the plasticine quite thickly to give it enough strength to stand easily on their own, then simply stamp and cut the minis out for the day's session.

This would mean instead of having to print a large number of mobs, they could print just one stamp and use it to make unlimited models.

Of course, you can also use permanent clay like I have done as well if you want to keep them or hand them out to the players who vanquished them.

These stamps could also work for wargames, allowing folk to test a unit before investing time and money into buying or printing them.

For the first test, we settled on a skelly, because who doesn't need an easy supply of them for their games?


  • Skelly Stamp
  • Skelly Cutter

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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