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Scrabble Style Dice Tray Walls

Scrabble Style Dice Tray Walls

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When I play a wargame, DnD, or whatever other odd game I am currently into, I want the board to be scenic and engaging. This is why when my opponents/part members leave dice littering the battlefield it drives me a little crazy. Well, we have just made the solution to this problem!

Scrabble-Style Dice Tray Walls! Once you have rolled your dice simply grab them and chuck them on the battlements, this should also give your dice a good view of what is going on so they should know when they need to roll better...

There are two versions for some variety and they have a continuous pattern so can be placed side by side to make a nice long wall should you play something like Orks and have a LOT of dice.

The sides are also open so you can lift the wall to quickly pour the dice into your hand when needed. They are sloped so the dice always roll to the edge closest edge to you so you can grab them with ease.

Print out two and let your messy opponent or party member borrow one for your next game and let relaxation follow.


  • Dice Wall With Crest
  • Dice Wall

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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