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Print 'N' Roll: Taulium Lunar outpost

Print 'N' Roll: Taulium Lunar outpost

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This month we're bringing you the cutting-edge technology of the Tau Empire! Craft custom Tau buildings with ease using our command center walls and floors, along with research facility walls and more.

The rollers in the set give you a huge range of wall and floor textures for making terrain pieces for your gaming table. The Taulium Floor Panel rollers were made with basing especially in mind and have lots of details that should look great when cut out onto your bases.

The multiple wall rollers are made so that you can make multilevel high-terrain pieces using the different rollers for some nice line of sight-blocking terrain. The Energy Shield roller was made so that you can roll out the energy shield surrounding your base and make it as long as you want!

We went over the top for you with terrain, featuring two autonomous drones complete with a magnetic docking station, Tau buildings including an emitter hub and satellite tower, a landing pad for swift arrivals, an energy shield outer wall for defense, and a Tau doorway for seamless entry.

Let's not forget about the stamps! Enhance your terrain even more with five Tau symbol stamps, adding that extra touch of authenticity to your creations.



  • Armoured Panels (4inch)
  • Shield Wall Generator (4inch)
  • Energy Shield (4inch)
  • Advanced Panels (4inch)
  • Power Generator Wall (4inch)
  • Taulium Floor Panels (4inch)
  • Taulium Floor Panels with Grip Surface (4inch)


  • Tau Symbol Stamps (5 versions)


  • Autonomous Drones (2 versions/Accepts 5x1mm magnet)
  • Drone Dock (Accepts 5x1mm magnet)
  • Landing Pad
  • Emitter Hub
  • Satellite Tower
  • Energy Shield Wall


  • Taulium Door


Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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*Any miniatures used in images are for scaling purposes only*

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