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Print n' Roll: Rising Tides

Print n' Roll: Rising Tides

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Prepare yourselves for a cold barren world of jagged rusted metal and nothing but festering polluted oceans, the only land left is made of metal from the tips of once great mountains. Those of you who survived the initial chaos are left to scavenge and fight for survival!

This set has everything you need to create a ruined rusted world, whether you want to make a scrap-filled artificer adventure for your TTRPG or make towering Orc metal structures for wargames, it is all made easy with this set.

It has everything from rusted metal sheeting, patchwork corrugated iron, heaps of debris, and waste to mountain tips and rollers for the ocean itself! The end of days has never looked so... rusty!



  • Corrugated Patchwork (4 inch)
  • Rusted Port Hole Wall (4 inch)
  • Trashy Tides (4 inch)
  • Shanty Metal Walkway (2 inch)
  • Choppy Waters (4 inch)
  • Garbage Heap (4 inch)
  • Welded Rusty Metal (4 inch)


  • Port Hole Window
  • Ship Door
  • Rusty Remains
  • Cutters:
  • Broken Planks
  • Corrosion holes


  • Port Hole Window
  • Ship Door
  • Open Ship Door
  • Rusty Oil Drums
  • Scavenged Barrier
  • Shoreline Hazard Rocks
  • The Kraken Killer Raft

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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