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Print N' Roll: Medieval Town Square

Print N' Roll: Medieval Town Square

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The set has rollers to construct medieval buildings with rough stone bottoms and wood and plaster upper walls along with shingle roofs. There are extra files to print windows, shutters, and doors along with stamp versions of these. For the ground, there are curved cobblestone patterns along with a dirt roller and one to make a path over it.

It is incredible how many variations and how much you can customize each building using this set.

We have not stopped there though, we have gone overboard and designed everything you need to print out a full market square with stalls, crates of food, fountains, and carts!

Rolling Pointers

The Building Edge Roller gives you the edge keystones, when you roll it out one half is longer than the other. The shorter one can be pasted flat to the corner then the longer one can stick out so that it hatches the height. We will be demonstrating this further in an upcoming video very soon so that you can see it in action!

Something New!

This time we have made some cutter stamps so that you can very cheaply make a lot of signs for shops, roads, and taverns. For many, they have a vertical pole attached but you can easily cut that off to use the square or pointed sign types as hanging signs or ones stuck to walls.



  • Medieval Town Square Cobble (4")

  • Dirt (4")

  • Straight Cobble Path (2")

  • Medieval Rough Stone Wall (4")
  • Medieval Wood and Plaster Wall 1 (4")
  • Medieval Wood and Plaster Wall 2 (4")
  • Corner Stones Wall (2")
  • Medieval Shingle Roof Tiles (4")


  • Smaller Window
  • Larger Window
  • Medieval Single Door
  • Medieval Double Door
  • Wooden Signs (three designs)
  • Puddles (two designs)


  • Larger Window Cutter
  • Smaller Window Cutter


  • Medieval Square Large Window
  • Medieval Square Smaller Window
  • Wooden Shutters for Smaller Window (two designs)
  • Wooden Shutters for Larger Window (two designs)
  • Sewer Grate/Entrance
  • Medieval Single Door
  • Medieval Double Door
  • Stone Chimney
  • Banner Mount
  • Central Fountain
  • Market Cart
  • Market Stalls (2 versions)
  • Clay Pottery (4 versions)
  • Wooden Crates (5 versions)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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