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Print 'N' Roll: Mech Repair Bay

Print 'N' Roll: Mech Repair Bay

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Are you ready to drag your bullet-ridden limping mech into the repair bay?

This set has so much in it, I mean we really went over the top this time. If you want to make sci-fi bases you are very much in luck! There are 4 different rollers for industrial sci-fi flooring with, metal plates, cables, pipes, fans grills, and much more made with base making in mind so they have many places where you can cut out a base with multiple different parts in one base cutting to make bases much more interesting!

There is also a cable roller so you can add lengths of cables to any other base from our previous sets. This means you can turn rock, dirt, grass, or many other bases into sci-fi-style bases!

We also included two mech bay wall rollers so you can make not just bases but also highly detailed terrain pieces.

We think you'll like the add-ons we've made you... We have made a full multipart modular mech repair bay, equipped with scaffold and robotic arms! You can construct this as big as you want with the modular design and the walkways are made to hold minis with bases up to 32mm.

Along with this, we included a loading vehicle, diagnostic stations, and more.

The mech bay fan platform roller also combines the old with the new. It is made to fit with all the rollers from the Distress Signal Print 'n' Roll set while bringing in the designs to match this new set making it the perfect bridge to combine the designs.



  • Mech Bay (4 inch)
  • Mech Bay Walkway 1 (4 inch)
  • Mech Bay Walkway 2 (4 inch)
  • Cable and Pipe (1 inch)
  • Mech Bay Fan Platform (4 inch)
  • Mech Bay Door (4 inch)
  • Mech Shop Wall (4 inch)

  • Mech Repair Bay Door (stamp & door cutter)



  • Hazard Safety Barrier
  • Robotic Arm Floor Base
  • Modular Flexi Hose (12-piece set - FDM optimized - works in resin but not as well)
  • Diagnostic Station
  • Ballistic Loader Vehicle

Modular Repair Bay:

  • Scaffold Tower
  • Main Ladder
  • Ladder Extender
  • Scaffold Extender
  • Round Rod End Pin
  • Cross Bar End Pin
  • Cross Bar
  • Round Rod
  • Walkway
  • Sliding Arm Holder
  • Middle Arm
  • Lower Arm
  • Claw Open
  • Claw Closed
  • Welder
  • Electro Magnet
  • Laser Cutter

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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