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Print N' Roll: Hall of Skulls

Print N' Roll: Hall of Skulls

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You come to and pull yourself up, it is dark, too dark to immediately see, and you hear the crunch of something cracking under your feet, as your eyes focus you find you are standing on skulls hundreds, no... thousands of skulls. Streams run with thick viscous blood into a lake where bones float. Giant skulls are mounted like trophies on the walls and more are skewered on spiked pillars. What circle of hell is this...

The Hall of skulls is made to work flawlessly with pretty much all games, those set in ancient fantasy worlds and hellscapes of the far future.

The set includes everything you need to make bases littered with skulls, dark bone-filled caves and dungeons, and horrific buildings and ruins.



  • Pile of Skulls (4 inch)
  • Skulls and Dirt (4 inch)
  • Stream of Blood (3 inch)
  • Lake of Blood and Bone (4 inch)
  • Wall of Giant Mounted Skulls (4 inch)
  • Wall of Giant Skulls and Candles Hole (4 inch)


  • Blood Pool Cutter 1
  • Blood Pool Cutter 2


  • Skull Fountain
  • Skull pillars (3 versions)
  • Skull Spikes (Based/non-based)
  • Skulls (14 versions)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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