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Print N' Roll: Dwarven Mining

Print N' Roll: Dwarven Mining

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This month we're taking you down into an ancient dwarven mine. Damp tunnels, expertly mined over centuries lead you into a grand dwarven hall. Formed over many generations, the walls and pillars are skillfully carved directly into the stone. The tools, freshly mined walls, and working forge are a clear sign that the operation is still underway!



  • Mine Floor (4")
  • Minecart Rail on Stone (4")
  • Dwarven Carved Stone (4")
  • Dwarven Building 1 (4")
  • Dwarven Building 2 (4")
  • Crystal Mining Wall (4")
  • Deep Mine (4")


  • Dwarven Windows (two designs)
  • Puddles (three designs)
  • Dwarven Door
  • Stone Cracks (three designs)


  • Warforge
  • Pillar (Small)
  • Pillar (Large)
  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel & Pickaxe in a dirt pile
  • Anvil
  • Mine Cave-in
  • Entrance
  • Entrance Torches & Wooden Doors
  • Entrance Lights & Metal Door with Security Panel

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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