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Print 'N' Roll: Druidic Henge

Print 'N' Roll: Druidic Henge

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Ancient magic flows through this place, can you uncover the secrets of the archaic runes?

This set comes with a large variety of rollers and terrain pieces so that you can build an entire battlefield of druidic carvings, and standing stones, and envelop the map with ancient magics!

Texture Rollers
There are 6 rollers in the set to allow for the making of decorative bases, dungeon tiles, and terrain! The 4 with grassy edges are made so that the edge pattern continues so they can slot together for rolling out larger areas.
The Grass and runestone roller is especially perfect for making bases as with each cut-out you do it has the compulsory basing rock already set and in place for you!
The Large Runestone roller is a multipurpose one, add a grid with one of our grid presses over it and you have fancy flooring tiles, roll it out and you have a decorative wall, or... Roll it out and then fold the clay over rocks or foam cut to be shaped like rocks to make as many standing stones as you want for some quick and cheap terrain! It would also make for some pretty cool bases.

Interactive Playability
The set comes with the biggest terrain piece that we have made so far in the Print 'n' Roll sets, a runic stone henge designed with playability at its core!
The 9.5-inch piece is made so that miniatures can scale the terrain for multilevel combat for Wargaming and has interactive parts and puzzles for TTRPGs! There are 4 Nature Spirits that each have an elemental marking, these correlate with ones on Keystones that slot into place in the base magic circle in the center of the henge. Are the players at your table smart enough to figure it out?


  • There are some larger versions of the Runestones without grass and vines so that they can be printed as very large FDM pieces and still be in scale
  • The Nature Spirits are also all made so that they can be printed directly on the build plate both in Resin and FDM.
  • The Modular Runic Stone Henge is a 19-piece set that comes ready to print for FDM and pre-supported for resin printing.
  • As always the models are both laid flat for FDM and Pre-Supported for resin, so print how you wish.



  • Large Runestones (4 inch)

  • Grass and Broken Tiles (4 inch)

  • Mossy Rune Wall (4 inch)

  • Grass and Runestones (4 inch)

  • Grassy Field (4 inch)

  • Grass and Buried Tiles (4 inch)

  • Nature Spirits (4 versions)

  • Nature Spirits with Element Symbols (4 versions)

  • Large Runestones with grassy bases and vines (3 versions)

  • Large Runestones (FDM Optimised)

  • Basing Runestones (3 versions

Large Terrain Piece Set:
  • Modular Runic Stone Henge (9.5 inch)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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