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Print n' Roll: Distress Signal

Print n' Roll: Distress Signal

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Highly detailed texture rollers to build your custom terrain layout from the ground up! This set not only includes individual Building, Ground, and Path textures rollers made to work together seamlessly but also includes theme-rich Stamps that enable you to apply another layer of detail with ease. Next, use the printable Add-Ons included to scatter across your new terrain to solidify your setting.

We included a large variety of floor and wall rollers with this set. This time we took our roller tech even further and added 1-inch interchangeable roller sections (like pipe segments) enabling you to roll out lots of different combinations of bridges, paths, and more! Of course, we included all of the stamps and add-on models you will need to really get your ship in order, and looking extra creepy. We also kept all of the horror stuff separate, so this set can also serve as a great general sci-fi set.


Floor Rollers:

  • Path edge (0.5 inch)
  • Mesh Floor - Dual Fan (1 inch)
  • Mesh floor (1 inch)
  • Mesh Floor (2 inch)
  • Metal Floor - Dual fan (1 inch)
  • Metal Floor - Dual fan (2 inch)
  • Metal Panel (1 inch)
  • Metal Pipes (1 inch)
  • Bridge Path (2 inch)
  • Metal With Fans Floor (3 inch)
  • Metal Grate Floor (4 inch)
  • Metal Panel Floor (4 inch)

Wall Rollers:

  • Space wall 01 (4 inch)
  • Space wall 02 (4 inch)
  • Space wall 03 (4 inch)


  • Claw marks (5 Designs)
  • Help me stamp


  • Bloody Puddles (6 designs)
  • Blood Puddles with body parts (3 designs)
  • Body Parts (Arm, Foot, Leg Chunk, Leg, Torso)
  • Communications Panel
  • Ship Consoles (2 designs)
  • Single Door & Door Frame 
  • Double Door & Door Frame
  • Dented and scratched doors (single and Double door)
  • Fan Panel
  • Modular Railing (6 pieces)
  • Stasis Chamber (Broken glass option)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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