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Print 'N' Roll: Dead Kingdom

Print 'N' Roll: Dead Kingdom

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You are betrayed, you are cursed. The lush green world you once knew is gone. Your reality is now a twisted living nightmare.

The very ground upon your walk seems constructed from faces of stone, but their expressions are too vivid... Too alive to have been carved and you sense they are aware of your presence, their eyes seeming to follow you, you almost can feel their eternal anguish and pain thickening the air, perhaps you too will end up like them...

The walls around you flicker with flames, forming into runes beyond your comprehension but something tells you they are warnings perhaps marked by those who came before you. Ghostly apparitions seem to distort the very stone around you, shifting and losing form, reaching for you.

Behemoth, distorted statues of horrific beasts loom over you, they creak and crack as you pass as if they are preparing to descend from their plinths.

Without warning the stone faces shift below you revealing knotted flesh and a gargantuan eye that turns and looks through you. Enormous blistered lips tear through the ground behind you and in an almost silent but sharp whisper mutter the words "We have found you... SACRIFICE"...

Oh, this set is a fun one, whether you are making a twisted demonic world that has been swallowed by the warp in the 41st millennium or a twisted dungeon, or hell plain in your fantasy adventure, it has you covered!

There are three ground rollers that can slot together perfectly each with a different variation of the stone faces, one with broken and larger ones, and one with giant behelit-like features piercing through. Another roller has stones and shells but with the stone faces peering through the dirt like they were buried there long ago.

There are two cursed stone wall rollers and stamps for doors and arrowslit windows to go with them.

There are a whole bunch of add-ons ranging from small bits to use as base topping extras to large statue terrain pieces.



  • Stone Faces (4 inch)
  • Stone Faces and Behelit Features (4 inch)
  • Larger Stone Faces and Vines (4 inch)
  • Dirt, Stone and Faces (4 inch)
  • Forbidden Tablet Wall (4 inch)
  • Summoning Wall (4 inch)
Stamps and Cutters:
  • Double Door Stamp
  • Single Door Stamp
  • Arrowslit Cutter
  • Crack Stamp
  • The Watcher Statue
  • The Guardian Statue
  • The Offering Statue
  • Base Topper Stone Faces x5
  • Giant Cracked and Vine-Covered Stone Faces x2
  • Broken Wing Base Topper
  • The Guardian Wall-Mounted Statue
  • Double Door
  • Single Door

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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