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Print 'N' Roll: Cthulian Nightmare

Print 'N' Roll: Cthulian Nightmare

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In hidden depths, the cult waits for its grand priest to awake from his long slumber.
Soon the Old One will rise from his dark city below the waves and again bring all earth under his maddening corruption.

The Cthulian Nightmare set gives you guys everything you need to make sacrificial chambers and dank ritualistic caves.

Each roller is highly detailed so that they can all be used to make intricate bases as well as terrain and tile walls and floors.

Roll out a dungeon with the Eldritch Tiles roller and Cthulian Mural walls; then fill it with pillars, altars, braziers, and tentacles!



  • Eldritch Tiles (4 inch)
  • Eldritch Summoning Tiles (4 inch)
  • Cthulian Mural wall (4 inch)
  • Old One Eldritch Magic (4 inch)
  • The Sacrifice Cave Painting (4 inch)
  • Flee In Terror Cave Painting (4 inch)


  • Mark of the Cult
  • Watcher Eyes (3 variant)


  • Holeborn Tentacles
  • Cultist Altar
  • Sanctum Pillars
  • Cthulian Idol


  • Ritual Braziers (4 Variants)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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