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Print N Roll: Crypt of The Necromancer

Print N Roll: Crypt of The Necromancer

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This set may be one of the most comprehensive ones yet giving you everything you need to build a full Necromancers Graveyard and Crypt, including everything from ancient stone walls and floors to zombies bursting out of the ground and pits filled with the skeletons of the dead!

There are a huge number of terrain pieces in the set to also really bring the scene to life. These include an easy-to-print modular iron fence system so that you can add a border around any size of graveyard. A set of spooky dead trees which are a prerequisite for any graveyard scene. A huge set of gravestones so you can make a giant graveyard area without it looking repetitive. There are also larger mausoleum buildings that will work as a line of sight blocking terrain and a hidden crypt entrance, allowing access to the dank depths below.

With the rollers themselves there are textures for making the internal crypt filled with tombs and ancient crumbling stonework. The above-ground rollers are perfect for making as large of a graveyard area as you need with lots of options for graves, hidden necrotic magics, pits of the dead, and even the undead bursting through to the surface!

It has been a little while since we included a path roller,  so just to remind you how they work. You roll them over an already rolled texture to add a path through the area. In this set, we made a winding aged stone path that will work perfectly for a graveyard but you can also use it seamlessly in lots of the other sets we have done.

There are also stamps to quickly and cheaply produce a lot of gravestones and also to dig out graves and add in skeletons.



  • Dead Rising (4inch)
  • Disturbed Graves (4inch)
  • Plague Victim Burial Pit (4inch)
  • Hidden Necrotic Magic (4inch)
  • Crypt Tomb Walls (4inch)
  • Crypt Floor With Tombs (4inch)
  • Graveyard Path (3inch)


  • Gravestone Stamps (3 versions + 3 cutters)
  • Grave Stamps (3 versions)


  • Mausoleums (2 versions)
  • Crypt Entrance
  • Haunted Trees (2 versions)


  • Graveyard Fences (6-piece set)
  • Gravestones (8 versions)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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