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Print 'N' Roll: Castle Raven

Print 'N' Roll: Castle Raven

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Get ready to bring the terror of Castle Raven to life! First, we'll help you step into the chilling world of Castle Raven with our highly detailed texture rollers, designed to transport you to the eerie halls of a great vampire lord. From intricate drape-covered stone walls adorned with gargoyle carvings to ancient vampire glyphs etched into rough stone floors, this set is perfect for creating the perfect atmosphere for your next eerie castle adventure. We also included a set of gothic-style windows and cutters to allow you to place them wherever you please.

Our add-ons will help you upgrade the spooky factor even more! Picture yourself sitting in a Victorian-style armchair, surrounded by the haunting ambiance of flickering candles on a stone-carved table. Beware the torture cage with its ominous swinging door, made in two different large enough for your players to get trapped inside, perfect for rescue missions. Next you'll prepare to confront the vampire lord himself with our detailed coffin featuring two different lid designs.

Enhance your terrain with our portrait stamps, allowing you to imprint haunting images of bats, gargoyles, and castle silhouettes onto your creations. With our cutter tool, you can easily shape these portraits separately and place them wherever you want!

As always, our models come in both flat versions for FDM printers and pre-supported options for resin, so you can print your way :)



  • Ancient Awakening Ritual floor (4-inch)
  • Castle Exterior Wall (4-inch)
  • Castle Interior Wall (4-inch)
  • Castle Interior Wall for Windows (4-inch)
  • Stone Tile Floor (4-inch)
  • Stone Tile with Carpet (4-inch)


  • Sinister Portraits & Cutter
  • Manor Window Cutter


  • Eerie Candle Altar
  • Manor Armchair & Ottoman
  • Tortured Prisoners Cage
  • Vampire Vault Coffin
  • Manor Window

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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