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Pot Pal (Citadel paint pot holder)

Pot Pal (Citadel paint pot holder)

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Get that lid out of the way! The Pot Pal is a simple but useful tool for all who use Citadel paints. Made for standard 12ml bottles, your precious paints can be easily seated inside while your pal holds the lid open and out of your way as you work on your next masterpiece. We put a sturdy base on this thing to keep your paints in that desirable "Not spilled all over the table" position most of us strive for. 

Magnets make everything better, and this is no exception! 5x1mm magnets can be used to secure the lid, which can be put on while there is a pot inside. We wanted to give this thing even more utility, so we threw in a few paintbrush holders to keep your brush upright and out of the way while not in use.

A pretty fun little paint project on its own, you can enjoy customizing your own Pot Pal in any way you like! Hope you find this piece a useful addition to your painting toolkit :)


  • Holder Bottom
  • Top Lid

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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