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Plague Bears

Plague Bears

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We made a full 10x man squad of Plaguebearing Plague Bears for you guys with a maggoty base. Aren't they cute!

There is one with antlers and a longer cleaver as the boss, one with a bell mounted on a staff and the icon bear-er, and one swinging a bell as the musician.
Each bear is different and of course, covered in lots of grimm Nurgly goodness.


This squad is the perfect size for Little Bear pals to proxy as your Nurgly footsoldiers equipped with the correct equipment!


We have included a couple of stat blocks for the Plague Bears and the Plague Bear Boss for use in DnD for you guys, and you have enough time to get them printed and painted for a Halloween Event Session!


  • Boss Plague Bear
  • Icon Plague Bear
  • Music Plague Bear
  • Plague Bears (x7 different regular bears)
  • 32mm Maggot Base

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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*Any miniatures used in images are for scaling purposes only*

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