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Paint Pot Swatch Caps

Paint Pot Swatch Caps

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Do you ever find yourself rooting around trying to find a particular colour or maybe you haven't used a paint before or in years and have no idea how the colour will dry on your mini...

Well no more!

Introducing Swatch Caps: These little paint pot toppers will help you find and identify the colour you need in moments.

We have made four different fittings of them so there are ones that fit onto dropper bottle tops, onto GW rounded-top paint pots and a flat-bottomed one that fits onto metal paints and any other paint pots with flat lids. There is also a fitting for ths skulls design to go over the bottom of a dropper bottle for those that store them upside down.
Along with this, we made two designs, one is of course full of skulls but we made another which is a wooden shelf with books for those of you who are not too keen on skulls.

How to use:

  1. Prime them in black
  2. Gently prime over or drybrush in light grey/white
  3. Glue onto the paint pot lid you desire
  4. Apply a generous coat of the paint from the pot to the cap
Ta-da, you can now identify and know how the paint will look in moments. This should help to reduce using the wrong colour or ruining a mini by using a paint that dries differently than you expect.


  • Dropped Books Cap
  • Dropper Skull Cap
  • GW Book Cap
  • GW Skull Cap
  • Flat Book Cap
  • Flat Skull Cap

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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