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MEGA Merchant Tier

MEGA Merchant Tier

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🗒️ NOTE: Due to the large file size, this item will be added directly to your My Mini Factory Library shortly after purchase (sign-up free at Direct download is not available for this item.

Get a Royalty-Free, 2-year license to commercially 3D print and sell physically printed models from 'Print 'n' Roll: Mega Pack 1 and Mega Pack 2'

This tier does not allow for the re-sale of any digital assets, only for the purchaser to have the ability to sell physical prints.

This Collection of Print 'N' Roll sets includes:

  • Dwarven Mining
  • Gothic Cathedral
  • Medieval Town Square
  • Rising Tides
  • Arid Wasteland
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Distress Signal
  • Grand Library
  • ➕ A GIANT Toolkit to help you get the most out of the sets!

See full details of these sets on the Kickstarter Project page  HERE

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