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Laser Rifleman Dread

Laser Rifleman Dread

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The Laser Rifleman Dread is the epitome of ranged fire support. Wielding two twin large laser cannons in each arm slot and another two chest-mounted large lasers this mech can rake the battlefield with high-intensity laser fire from afar, melting off chunks of reinforced armour with each discharge.
The distinct sound of the discharging large laser cannons firing in a sequence has led it's pilots to affectionately refer to the dread as the Pew-Pew.

The frame is regular dread size and slots nicely on a 65mm base.

Interchangeable Parts
This fella is of course fully parts interchangeable with Droidnought and with any and all chunky dread-type models of this size that we will produce in the future.
We also included the same magnet slots as with Droidnough so there are spaces for 5x1mm to attach the arms to the torso and the torso and legs, there are also slots under the feet should you want to have them attach the bases with magnets.


  • Laser Cannon Torso
  • Legs
  • Twin Laser Cannon Arm
  • Shin Pad Armour

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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