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Large Skull Roller and Coaster Cutter

Large Skull Roller and Coaster Cutter

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This set includes a large skull texture roller for making bases and terrain but also for pottery and general sculpture. The skull roller has larger skulls that will work better for things that don't require the skulls to be in 28mm scale. As it is larger it also allows for easier FDM printing.

We also included the coaster cutter so that you can make coasters to stop your mates from damaging your gaming table with their mugs.

This cutter will of course work with all of our rollers and not just the skull roller so you can make all types of coasters.

You can also use the 100mm round base cutter from the welcome pack of our Tribe to cut round coasters out if you prefer.

Note on Use
Make sure to varnish the coasters if you are using air-drying clay to protect them and I would suggest using some super cheap foam or cork under them so that they don't scratch the table.

Also, remember to let them dry stuck down where you rolled them to prevent any warping.


  • Large Skull Roller
  • Coaster Cutter

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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