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Iron BladeNought

Iron BladeNought

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The Iron Bladenought is equipped with dual rotary cannons!

This fella is made to be fully interchangeable with all the parts from the other mechs from this series we have done such as Droudnought, the Argonaut, and the Rifleman Laser Dread (the last two photos show it with arm options from these mechs). 

It is made to be the right size to work as a proxy for a boxy robot in a certain wargame.

Mechs Quirk
It also has a bit of a mad quirk to it as well... You can slide the shoulders up, lift the torso off the head and legs and screw in a MK8 printing nozzle into the bottom. The mech then transforms into a fully functional attack spinning top!

You can find a printable launcher that works with it here:  (Please like the design to help the designer matt3ry if you download it)

We included a printable weight disk as well but the heavy size gen 1 metal weight disks also fit and the top attack disk can be swapped out for other ones as well should you wish.

Optional Magnet Slots
The mech has spaces for 5x1mm magnets to go into the arm joints and between the head and legs.

There is also space in the center of the mech for two optional 12mmx5mm magnets to work as additional weights and hold the torso to the legs so the mech can be lifted upside down.


  • Rotary Cannon Arms
  • Legs
  • Shin Pads
  • Centre Torso Head and Eye
  • Attack Ring Armour
  • Torso Bottom
  • Nozzle Holder Gear
  • Bit Chip
  • Weight Disk

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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*Any miniatures used in images are for scaling purposes only*

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