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Fur Texture Roller

Fur Texture Roller

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Ever wished a mini had a fur cape?.. Well you are in luck, with the Fur Roller you can make as many capes as you want! Also banners, rugs, fur bedding, anything you want really.

If you happen to play Future Space Boys then you can turn them all into Future Wolf Boys with extreme ease. But, this works for fantasy miniatures just as well and it is easy to fold it over heads to make hooded capes as well.

How to Use:

For use with clay for terrain and such just use as you normally would, but for minis we recommend using two part putty like Green Stuff. However, be warned this stuff is much stickier than clay so, after mixing it, make sure the top of it is very wet before you roll onto it or it will stick to the roller and not come off.


  • Fur Texture Roller (4-inch)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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