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Forest Guardian Golem

Forest Guardian Golem

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Hey Miniature Makers!

We went and tried something entirely different to add a little greenery to your gaming table, inspired by the guardians of a certain flying castle.

Are you, like me not allowed to cover your house in miniatures but allowed plants in every room? Well now combine the two with the Forest Guardian Golem!

This fellow is designed with a small plant pot in his back, perfect for small succulents, spider plants, and moss. There is a drainage hole built in to avoid the plant roots rotting, so they can live in there long term.

There is a full lid that covers the back for if you don't want to add a plant and a lid with a hole in the middle to cover some of the soil if you add a plant to make it look a bit better.

For best results plant some small succulent offcuts and let them grow to fit the pots.

He is holding a hand forward that you can place things on such as forest animals or plants as he is the guardian and caretaker of the forest. Or you can just make him hold your keys...

To make him usable in your games we included a DND 5e monster sheet for him as well!

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