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Dwarven Gyro Walker

Dwarven Gyro Walker

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I made a nice, steampunk, chunky, stompy mech for you guys to be used for various games! It has two modular cannon weapon options and a detachable undercarriage bomb, along with its stompy feet! The legs have ball joints for some posable fun.

I have made a fully comprehensive data and rule sheet for using this in your games. So throw it in for a fun extra that the party can use for a mission, or even design a whole character around it! I, for one, will be using a few of them for a one-shot where a vengeful group of dwarven artificers uses them to try to take back their homelands from Orc hordes and a final Blue Dragon (they are weak to electricity so it should be a 'blast'!).

This fella is the perfect size and has the perfect weapon options to be used to replace a helicopter in a certain popular fantasy wargame with square bases and its newer round bases alternative. So get your dwarven boys running up the board rather than flying (much more fun).

If you are totally mad, and have a steampunk guard army, it is also the right size to be used to replace a certain bipedal walker in a game based in the 41st millennium, just in time for the return of the space dwarves.


  • 2 Body Options
  • 4 Legs Options (2x Left, 2x Right)
  • Steam Powered Cannon
  • Fire and Brimstone Cannon
  • Undercarriage Bomb

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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