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Cobra Automated Weapon System

Cobra Automated Weapon System

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We bring you the Cobra Automated Weapon System!

This weapon platform has a set of missile launchers for it that you can slot the missiles in with just fired ones, or ones that are well on the way to the target.

We took it one step further and made it so that all of the remixed weapons for the Blackjack Dreadnought also slot right on! This means you can give it a huge number of weapons as well as missile launchers. Get the rest of the weapons for it HERE: 

The top of the turret also slots onto the bottom, meaning it can rotate. There is a more detailed and a less detailed version of the turret base so it can be printed in both FDM and Resin.

It may also work as a great proxy for a certain spider turret =D

It is also: The Cobra Walker! We made legs for it!

This simple upgrade will enable you to make your weapons system fully mobile, and capable of navigating even the most difficult of terrain to reach your the most terrifying way possible :D


  • Turret Base (x2 Versions)

  • Weapon Mount

  • Missile Launchers

  • Missile (Just Launched Missile, and Launched Missile)

  • Walker Base
  • Walker Leg (requires 4)

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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