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Bullet Dice and Pistol Cylinder Holder

Bullet Dice and Pistol Cylinder Holder

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This one is pretty fun if you roll a lot of dice but want to mix it up a bit!

We made you guys 4 different designs of bullet dice! These are D6 replacements that look like bullets. We included rounded tip versions as well as flat tips, and they come with an option of having skulls instead of 6s!

Now, if you are resin printing them you can either print them straight on your build plate or there are also pre-supported versions.

Bullet Dice Cylinder, designed to store away your D6 ammo, and give you some of that very satisfying revolver-like action!

Store six D6 Bullet Dice away safely, using the screw-on lid to make sure you don't lose any in between sessions. The bottom of the cylinder has a spot for a 608 ball bearing, no glue is required as it's sized to be pressure fit! 

We put numbers on the outside of the cylinder, and an arrow on the base so you can optionally spin instead of rolling! 


  • Numbered Bullet Dice

  • Flat-Tipped Numbed Bullet Dice

  • Skull for 6 Bullet Dice

  • Flat-Tipped Skull for 6 Bullet Dice

  • Bullet Dice Cylinder
  • Bullet Dice Cylinder Base
  • Bullet Dice Cylinder Lid

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included. It also has FDM easy print versions.

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