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Base Set: Cyber Hacker

Base Set: Cyber Hacker

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This is a full 33-piece oval and round base set for wargaming and TTRPGs it includes all of the most commonly used base sizes:


  • 25mm (5 versions)
  • 28mm (3 versions)
  • 32mm (5 versions)
  • 40mm (3 versions)
  • 50mm (2 versions)
  • 65mm (2 versions)
  • 90mm (2 versions)
  • 100mm (2 versions)
  • 65x35mm (3 versions)
  • 75x42mm (2 versions)
  • 90x52mm
  • 105x70mm
  • 120x92mm
  • 170x105mm

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

How do I access the files that I purchase?
1. Once the transaction is complete you'll see a download link immediately on your order confirmation page
2. You will also be sent a purchase confirmation by email that contains another download link as an option
3. Past purchases are safely stored in your account and are available to download in the future

*Any miniatures used in images are for scaling purposes only*

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