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+1 Sword Of Initiative Tracking

+1 Sword Of Initiative Tracking

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This is one for all the TTRPG players out there. A mighty sword that has the magical ability to track the initiative order of battle!

The sword slots onto a base so that it can stand upright, then you can slide one of two sword tips onto the end which have different lengths depending on the size of the battle.

There are three different versions of the parts where you will write the character or monster names that all slot over the blade.

  • Slip-in Card Holders: These have a space for a piece of paper to be slotted in with the name of the monster or character.


  • Magnet Card Holders: These have magnet holes for 5x1mm magnets so that you can use the skull magnet peg to hold the paper in place against the card.


  • Flame Name Places: These are flames that have three different sizes and can be slotted in to make it look like the sword is on fire. These are more for permanent characters so that names can be painted on.

You slot these over the blade with the highest initiative fists. So that when new monsters/characters enter the battle at the end of the sequence they can simply be slotted on.

All of these versions are reversible so that you can have them on either side of the blade. This way you can have them with players on one side and monsters on the other or however else you wish.

Paper Cut Outs
Along with this to make things even easier for you guys to use them we have made and included templates for the sizes of paper cut-outs needed. We have made blank ones along with ones already filled in with common monster names.


  • Base
  • Sword Body
  • Long Sword Tip
  • Short Sword Tip
  • Flame Name Places (3 versions)
  • Slip-in Card Holders
  • Magnet Card Holders
  • Skull Magnet Peg
  • 3-inch Sword Body Extension
  • 6-inch Sword Body Extension

Both Pre-Supported and Non-Supported versions are included

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